All Wrapped Up!

All Wrapped Up!

I don’t know about you but I always find wrapping paper a real pain and often leave it as the last thing on my list to buy. I always have visions of perfectly wrapped parcels with colour coordinated ribbons sat under the Christmas tree patiently waiting tobe opened and enjoyed. In reality, I end up buying whatever I can get my hands on which often costs as much as the presents and isn’t at all what I had in mind! Despite the fact that before Christmas day has even begun, the wrapping paper has already beenthrown into the black sack in the corner of the room, it is still an important and essential part of the festive celebration.

This year I decidedit was not going to beat me! Not only am I going to have perfectly wrapped parcels under my Christmas Tree, but they will also be inexpensive and as Eco Friendly as I can make them. After a bit of forward planning I managed to buy a large role of plain recyclable brown paper which I can use for all of my gifts easily. As I purchased it in October, I also savemyself the expense of buying in peak season!

If you’re not into the whole “brown paper” look there are plenty of inexpensive options out there, why not use old newspapers or coloured tissue paper. If plain is not your thing you could invest in some Christmas stamps to jazz up your wrapping paper that can be used year in year out. Those brave enough could even let little hands loose with paints and glitter to really bring that homemade feel to your gifts.

Once you have your base, you can accessorise with ribbons, bows, tags, anything you want. You can even match it with your Christmas colour scheme! There are plenty of companies out there this year offering eco-friendly, recyclable ribbons, bows etc. Why not have some fun with it after all,it is Christmas!

Another top tip would be to invest in a tape dispenser! I purchased one for Christmas last year and have never looked back! It has been well used throughout the year and has cut the whole gift-wrapping process in half! I would go as far as to say that it has made it enjoyable at times!

For those of you that canafford to, why not take the hassle out of wrapping and opt for the gift-wrapped option when making your purchases it may be a bit more expensive but it saves hunting for the perfect gift wrap and saves time. This year’s travel restrictions may also make it difficult getting presents to the people we care about; when making your purchases keep an eye out for those companies that offer a gift-wrapped service straight to the recipient’sdoor. Another way of closing the gap on a socially distanced Christmas

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