A New Year

A New Year often brings feelings of excitement, optimism and perhaps for some this year, feelings of trepidation for what 2021 holds. Whatever your feelings toward the New Year, I think it can be agreed that we all go into this with more appreciation for family, home and comfort.

I personally have found my home a great refuge from the chaos of the outside world and have enjoyed bringing rooms to life and adding my very own personal touches to what once was a blank canvas. I look forward to the day when family and friends can enjoy these spaces as much as I do.

As we find ourselves in a similar situation to when we started 2020 it can be easy to slip back into the monotony of life confined to four walls whilst waiting for our own lives to start again. However, there is another option… Instead of waiting for the time when we will be too busy to appreciate and spend quality time in our homes, why not use this rare opportunity to give your living room, kitchen or bedroom a new look for a new year!

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