2021 Trends

As many people look forward to the New Year and the thought of finally being able to get away on that long-awaited holiday, spending a fortune on interior design may be not be appealing! However, redecorating does not have to break the bank… with a lick of paint and some small changes/ additions, a room can be completely be transformed with minimal cost involved.

When shopping for those ever-important items to add character to your home, take time to search out those unique one-of-a-kind vintage vases, prints and fabrics to really add interest and texture to every space.

Another big consideration within interior design this year is the focus on sustainably sourced fabrics and materials. Natural fibre rugs are very popular and add warmth and texture to a room alongside sustainable, durable furniture. This does not mean though that opulence and luxury need to be abandoned; vintage shops and small markets hide a wealth of timeless treasures and decorative accessories such as mirrors and lighting that still have plenty of life left and can add an elegant feel to a room. Consider restoration as another option, not only does it reuse any items within your house that you would have otherwise discarded, but it also reduces costs! With vintage/ rustic themes still a popular a choice, the need for the perfect finish need not apply.

With home comforts being at the forefront of everybody’s minds at the moment, 2021 looks to keep the rustic cottage feel of exposed beams, original floorboards and reclaimed furniture whilst mixing things up with the addition of new modern prints and tones. Strong, bold earth colours like rusts and burnt oranges paired with the reliable Greys and Navy blues, seem to be a popular choice this year for both summer and winter alike. Add to that the introduction of rattan furniture, tropical plants and unique pieces of art and you are sure to have style that will see you through to 2022.

As always, whether you chose to follow this year’s trends or continue with your own style, the most important thing is to enjoy and have fun with your interior design.

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